About Us


U&I Investment Corporation is the name of the mother company including many subsidiaries and affiliates working in many different fields such as Real Estate, Construction, Logistics, Financial services, Retail, Farming, Services and Manufacturing. U&I is short for the phrase “You and I” in English, founded by Binh Duong entrepreneurs who have had the belief that when working together, Vietnamese people can also do and even do well business.

  • Essences Value

    U&I is a for-profit company but does not put the target to make money at any costs. U&I believes that profit will surely come if interests of clients and employees ...


    U&I strives to be a good corporate citizen as well as the place where employees all feel at home. Professional knowledge, teamplay and dedication are ...


    U&I believes its biggest assets are its people and never stops searching for, providing training to and facilitating good career choices to talents ...

Real happiness only comes to those with warm hearts that love and care for the interests of others before their own.