Awarding two charitable houses in Thuan An town

9/22/2012 12:00:00 AM

In the afternoon of September 21st, the Youth Federation of Binh Duong organized a function to award charitable houses for family of the youngster having poor status Nguyen Thanh Tuan in An Thanh ward, Thuan An town. President of Binh Duong People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung and President of Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs’ Association Mai Huu Tin also attended the function.

Household of the youngster Nguyen Thanh Tuan had very difficult status, especially they had to live in a small unsettled house made from thatch, having to be wet when it was raining. His mother was a worker in a wood factory, his brother was working as an assistant driver so the income was uncertain. Although that, he was still enthusiastic with Union and Association activities which were mobilized by local Youth Union branch. He also voluntarily wrote letter to join the army at the 71 brigade in the last enlistment. Seeing that the status of his family having enough conditions to be considered to build and award charitable houses so the Youth Federation, the Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of the province combined with the Youth Federation of Thuan An town to organize the ground breaking ceremony to build this house on August 22nd and transferred it in the afternoon of September 21st . The house had the area of 50 square metters, cement floor, steel-sheet roof, brick wall with the total cost for building was VND 50 million.

At the function of awarding house, President of Binh Duong People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung encouraged the family to get over difficulties, from now on having a new house and should try “to live and work in peace and contentment” to be a fair-leveled household in the future.

At the same day, the delegation also organized a function to award charitable house for the household of youngster Nguyen Hoang Phi in An My hamlet, An Son village, Thuan An town. The whole family lived depending on the income of worker salary of his and his father in a dilapidated house in his aunt’s land. The house was built on the area of 27 square metters, enamelled-tile floor, steel-sheet roof, brick wall, the cost for building was VND 45 million that VND 30 million was supported by the Binh Duong Young Entrepreneurs’ Association and the rest was supported by local people and themselves.

In this occasion, the above two families also received many gifts such as gas cooker, electric cooker, electric fan, etc to use for everyday lives that were awarded by unions, associations and local people.


According to Ngoc Trinh (Binh Duong Newspaper)

Translator: TM (Unigroup)

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