Get the Gold Star Award to higher levels

9/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

I can say that, all over the country, our young entrepreneurs have friends anywhere in the system. The solidarity, attachment and empathy are our biggest assets.

with uncertainty of macroeconomics, international competitiveness right at home is more and more intense, the mechanism of policies still has not been completed.

While most of young entrepreneurs are leaders of small and medium businesses. Therefore, we are affected severely.

All businesses are worried to find solutions to survive so their time for movement activities has to be reduced.

We are so happy as with such situations, there are still so many businesses registered and joined the Gold Star Award 2013.

The quality of businesses that joined the award this year is still maintained, with the participations of many big and prestigious businesses such as FPT, Truong Hai, Viet Tien Tailor, Hoa Sen Steel Sheet, Phu My Protein, Vietnam Rubber Group, etc.

Many businesses are still stable in the activities of manufacturing, trading and do well their responsibilities for society, employees and have the stable development orientation.

Prestige and quality of the Award  are the motivation for businesses to join. These are also the important criterions that Gold Star Award is leading forward.

To make Gold Star Award always glorious, throughout the past 10 years, its Organization Board has kept studying, creating, improving yearly in order to bring Gold Star Award as well as Vietnamese brand names to higher levels, support practically businesses in building brand names and business orientation.


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