Happy birthday U&I

10/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

Today April 15th 2013, U&I is officially 15 years old. 15 years – quite a long period enough to prove that the greatest value that U&I has had is a close-knit team that lives wholeheartedly together and for the common success of the company.

In the last two days April 13th and 14th 2013, all members of U&I coming from Unigroup (mother company) and subsidiries such as Unicons, Unilog, Uniaudit, Unifarm, Unicraft, Unireal, Truong Xuan Thinh, Toan My, Binh Duong sugar factory, etc had a very meaningful trip at Ham Thuan Nam – Phan Thiet. All the members had a chance to show their solidarity and creativeness through Team Building games on beach and performance numbers in the Gala Dinner. The Organization Board awarded one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, one fouth prize and five consolation prizes for 9 participation teams. On this occasion the Board of Directors also awarded many awards for senior staffs who had more than 10 years working for U&I. They were key persons who had been playing a big role to build a strong U&I today.

Chaiman of the Board of Directors Mr Mai Huu Tin also shared his feeling on the role of a “captain” who had led U&I ship throughout 15 years. His speech was not ceremonial and formal but it was so close and witty like that of a big brother so this brought to all the participants the strength, belief and cheerfulness: “The objective of U&I from the first days of establishing till now has not be changed – that is that we don’t strive to be any “big cheese”. U&I today is like a 15-year-old lady – still not old enough to get marriage, but that lady will never stop studying, practicing, striving not for competing or proving her position with anyone but just need others to know about her as a lady of full perfume and beauty.”

The 15th anniversary of U&I this year marked an unforgetable impress in the hearts of all staffs because when working for U&I, people not only have a job to work but the higher value that they have is the close-knit sentiment of their co-workers, the friendliness of leaders and a place where they can see it as their second house.

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