U&I encourages employees to use Oolong tea

2/1/2013 12:00:00 AM


Drinking tea is the long-standing cuture of Vietnameses. Tea appears in all activities of society, from family to street, from restaurants, markets to luxurious places, from holidays, wedding, birthday party, funeral to death aniversary, etc.

Nowadays, with the insessantly development impetus of medicine and information technology, people have awared more about the value of tea on health. This is not only a kind of drinking that has the strong cultural character but it also has the value of therapy, helping blood circulate easier, diuretic, protect against cancer, antidotal, balance blood pressure, etc. Besides, because the economy and society are also developing constantly every single day, we now don’t have much time to make tea correctly like the traditional way, don’t have much time to sit together to enjoy each cup of hot tea and talk to one another each story, giving one another romatic poems under the cozy moon shadow, etc. Instead of that, many kinds of straining-bag tea were born to satisfy the need of drinking tea of people nowadays but it doesn’t take much time.

With the goal of caring of health for all employees, Chairman cum CEO Mai Huu Tin encourages everybody to use green tea or straining-bag Oolong tea in working time especially after lunch in the company. Having a chance to be consulted directly by Dean of Eastern medicine of Oxford, Mr Tin shares: “Two biggest uses of green tea or Oolong tea are protecting against oxidization which means making people be longer young, and reducing fat because of increasing the need of using energy of the body and leading to wearing out superfluous fat while reducing absorbing fat at the same time. So people who usually drink green tea or Oolong tea (more than a cup per day) are usually not fat and also not thin. Besides, we should also give up a bad habit of drinking tea, coffee, beer, etc with ice. "

Therefore, since the beginning of the year 2013, U&I Investment Corporation will provide freely straining-bag Oolong tea for all employees to use right at the office. The way of using is so flexible, beside making tea with boiled water like traditional way, we can also put the straining bag direct into bottle of water for the tea to come out and we can use then. The kind of tea that U&I provides is Haiyih high-grade straining-bad Oolong tea which is harvested from good Oolong tea trees being planted on Lam Dong high-land through many steps of advanced and strict processes. Subsidiaries that have the need can contact to order quantity.

Written by TM (Unigroup)

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