Questioning and answering questions in the 10th session of the Standing Committee of Parliament.

8/28/2012 12:00:00 AM

On August 21st and 22nd 2012, the Standing Committee of Parliament organized the 10th session to question and answer questions to the Minister of the Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social affairs and the Governor of Vietnamese state banks on August 21st 2012, and the General Government Inspection in the morning of August 22nd 2012.

Attending the session there were representatives of Binh Duong such as Mr Huynh Ngoc Dang - Vice Delegation of Parliament Representatives of Binh Duong province, Mr Le Thanh Nhon, Mr Le Huu Phuoc, Mr Mai Huu Tin, Mr Pham Trong Nhan and many representatives of the provincial committee, commission, leaders of office of people’s council and guesses.

The content for questioning Ms Pham Thi Hai Chuyen – The Minister of the Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social affairs was focused on the matters of: the assignment of teaching trade and training trade in the whole country from 2001-2011 and the direction for the period of 2012-2020, the assignment of teaching jobs and training jobs for people of ethnic minority, managing foreign workers working in Vietnam. In the questioning session, the representatives raised many queries and insufficience in the assignment of teaching trade nowadays were that teaching trade hadn’t connected with the real situation of localities, hadn’t connected with the real needs of companies and businesses making waste, people couldn’t find jobs after having been trained; teaching trade for people of ethnic minority nowadays was still difficult because of lack of material facilities for teaching, teaching staff. Answering this matter, the Minister accepted the responsibilities and would increase the material facilities for teaching, teaching staff, connecting the assignment of training trade with the situation of localities and the needs of recruitment of companies and businesses. About the assignment of managing foreign workers, the Minister of Labour, War invalids and Social affairs would co-ordinate closely with the Ministry of Public Security to manage well these workers; avoiding the situation that workers not going back to their countries when their labour contracts finishing; workers pretending to be engineers, workers with high experiences, artisans but when coming to Vietnam they working as manual labour workers. Also in the session, representative Huynh Ngoc Dang suggested the Minister about the phenomenon nowadays that employees registering unemployment insurances a lot then quitting their jobs to enjoy that insurance and finding new jobs. This created a lot of difficulties for businesses and contained insecurity in society. Answering this matter, Minister Chuyen promised to notice and correct the Law of unemployment insurance in order not to create legal gaps.

The content for questioning Mr Pham Van Binh – Governor of state banks including the matters of: bad debts in the economy, solutions to help businesses get over this difficult period, restructuring organizations of economy, credit. In the session questioning representatives, it mostly focused on bad debts of banks, reducing interest rates nowadays and inflation situation. Answering representatives, Governor said that the situation of bad debts nowadays of our country was still under control; reducing interest rates must be implemented slowly, couldn’t implement suddently to avoid making shock for the economy, making the worry for investors inside and outside the country; with drastic measures of Government and state banks, the situation of inflation in this year would stay at the level of one number. Representative Mai Huu Tin also asked Governor about the situation of inflation if he could commit a certain specific number so that businesses could feel secure to continue trading and operating. Besides, President of Parliament Nguyen Sinh Hung also asked Governor about how much bad debts was safe, till the end of this year and the next year which rate the situation of inflation could be controlled. Answering above matter, Governor thought that in this year the inflation could be controlled at the rate of 8-9%, trying to reduce bad debts to the rate of 3% was safe, would try to dominate inflation at the rate of 6%.

The content for questioning Mr Huynh Phong Tranh - General Government Inspection on 2 matters: dealing with complaint and denouncement; inspection effect of state groups and businesses. The aspect of complaint and denouncement nowadays was mostly about lands,  long-term denouncements belong to the jurisdiction of state inspection was more than 500 cases, there were situations that the complainer being incited by bad guys to appeal for a long time. Mr Huynh Phong Tranh gave solutions to request localities to desseminate for people to understand clearly the process of dealing with complaint and denouncement following each grade, avoiding the situation of complaint and denouncement out of grades, not correcting with the regulations, the situation of not grasping clearly laws and regulations so being incited, roused and bringing about long-term denouncements though having been dealed correctly by legal regulations. The hottest matters in the quetioning session were still the matters related to mistakes of state businesses and groups, the matter of accreditting Mr Duong Tri Dung. However the anwers of Mr Huynh Phong Tranh weren’t satified queries of representatives, he asked permission to answer by specific documentaries for representatives who didn’t feel satisfied and didn’t have chances to question.


Kim Cuong

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