Video and Facebook of U&I Investment Corporation

10/5/2013 12:00:00 AM

The most general information about U&I group of companies will be compacted in this Video, audience can have the general look about U&I’s business lines and achievements.

To watch U&I’s Video, click here:

U&I also made a short Video to show the strong attachment among its members. This Video was made long time ago and being editted by U&I's own staff from a real story. The Video is so moving so audience can't help shedding tears when witnessing the close-knit sentiment like brothers in the same house among U&I's members.

To watch Video about the close-knit sentiment of U&I's members click here:

Besides, U&I just joined Facebook – a very popular information channel and being able to link everyone together quickly.

Joining U&I’s Facebook house by clicking “like” or writing us your thought. You will be updated quickly recruitment information, new products, services and projects of U&I. We are highly honored to make friends with everybody.

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Written by TM

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